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Address Ctra. N-350 Km 483 - 04200 Tabernas, (Almería)
Track length 4.025 m
Turns 13 (8/right, 5/left)
Average width 10 m. /12 m. on the main straight
Main straight length 900 m.

The race track of Almeria, located in the Tabernas municipality (Almeria), was inaugurated on 2000. Since then, it's become one of the most favorite tracks for motorbike fans, amateurs and professional riders. It hosts, among others, the CAV (Andalusian championship for motorbikes). Due to the low rate of rain and it's geography, this race track is chosen by a large amount of teams coming from the World Championship and the British SBK Championship.

With a medium-high dificulty, it's a technical circuit and counts with 13 turns (8 to the right, 5 to the left, and a chicane). It also has a long straight where speeds near the 280 km/h. can be reached..


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