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Address Ctra. N-350 Km 483 - 04200 Tabernas, (Almería).
Track length 4.310 m. (Almost 5.000m. after remodeling works).
Turns 15 (11/Right and 4/Left).
Average track width 10 m. /12 m. on the main straight.
Main straight length 630 m. (900 m. after remodeling works).

The race circuit of Andalucia was built recently, sharing paddock and parking with the race circuit of Almeria.

This track, very physical and technical with medium-high difficulty, counted with the advice of the Moto2 Champion, Tito Rabat, for the works of its original design.

Since January 2018, this race circuit went through new remodeling works, leaving the original first part of the track, of high speed and generally liked by all riders, and removing the intricate and slow part, making a faster track with a straight of 900m. long.


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