Have you ever participated on a speed race? Would you like to live this unique experience and feel like a professional rider? To feel the adrenaline and emotions of living a race from the inside? If your answer is yes, we bring you the opportunity to join the Andalusian PROMO 1000 and PROMO 600 Cup.


You'll need to fulfill some essential requisites:

  1. To have never participated in a championship before.
  2. To get your Pilot License at the FAM (Andalusian Federation of Motorcycling)
  3. To enroll the races you want to participate in, be it just one or all of them (We recommend you to take a look at the FAM calendar). The winner of the PROMO Cup will be the rider with the most points along the whole championship.

To join the Andalusian PROMO Cup, contact us via email: gfracingrodadas@gmail.com. We'll manage your license and inform you about everything you need to know to enjoy your experience as an amateur pilot.

IMPORTANT NOTE For your participation in the Andalusian PROMO Cup, both your License and enrollments for every race will need to be paid and confirmed with enough time prior to the race for them to be validated.


  • Annual License - Andalusian Social License
    · For championships inside Andalusia only. Unique license ·390€
    · For Championships in Spain, Andalusia, provincial and territorial ·435€
  • Daily License
    · For 2 days. Timed training and race only ·101€
    · For 3 days. Free training, timed training and race ·125€


For the pilot to get a valid enrollment, this will need to be formalized until the monday before the day of the race. If this wouldn't happen, it will be considered out of term and will get an increase of 45€.


· March 23th - 24th, Jerez.
· June 8th - 9th, Alabacete.
· October 19th - 20th, Jerez.