RBG Sport Racing Coverage


Age of the pilot: 4 to 60 years old
Uses: Private training, lessons 
Vehicles: Speed motorbikes ,Minibikes, Pitbikes, MiniGp, Minimotard, Supermotard, Scooters

· Healthcare: Specific medical centers | Unlimited
· Post-accident coverage | 18 months
· Permanent disability | 12.000€
· Decease | 12.000€ (By law, this coverage will be replaced for funeral expenses on subjects under 14 years old).
· Legal Defense | 0,00€
· Compensation due hospitalization | 0,00€/day  (There's an option to add an extra 50€ to the price of this Forfait for getting subsidy coverage due hospitalization worth 100,00€/day).
· Compensation due severe fractures | 0,00€
· Vital urgencies | Any medical center
· Other urgencies | Concerted centers
· Duration | Valid for one year

Guarantees outside Spain
· Permanent disability | 12.000€
· Decease | 12.000€ (By law, this coverage will be replaced for funeral expenses on subjects under 14 years old).
· Healthcare: Specific medical centers | Unlimited (18 months)
· Insurance for ambulance transfer | Included (with medical prescription)
· Healthcare outside Spain | Included until up to 9,000€
· Transfer of the injured's vehicle | Included (severe accident)

NOTE When the coverage for healthcare expenses is hired without the mention of a specific quantity, and appears like "UNLIMITED", this will be practiced by the medical centers and doctors chosen upon agreement between insurer and insured. The insured may choose to be assisted on medical centers and qualified personal of his election, but this will be only covered by up to 3.000,00€, including healing and hospitalization expenses.
When the insured chooses this last option, it will automatically preclude the possibility to benefit from the option of unlimited expenses coverage. However, the insurer will pay the entire expenses derivated from urgency assistance or first aid, independently of who provides them.
Expenses derived from pharmacy and osteosynthesis material (external), won't be covered and will be paid entirely by the injured.